Good news from┬áBR24! Our Artist Team has been busy lately and we are very happy to share the official release of our “ART DRIVE-IN” very soon. Stay tuned and read more about Munich’s most wanted art clan here­čĹç



MuenchenTV┬ámet our Founder Fillin Guas and Artist Dino Maat in our artspace the TRAPHOUSE. Check out the lovely edit here ­čĹç­čĆ╝

sz broko today

S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung

The collective transforms a condemned house on Steinheilstra├če into a piece of art, but has to do without an audience because of Corona. In the empty apartments, relics from dark times come to light.

broke today


Before the demolition of the former Fina car park in the old town, seven graffiti artists experimentally designed large concrete surfaces on the colossus.

broke today

Charivari 95.5

The Car Park in Hildegardstra├če is soon to be demolished. Broke.Today Artists have now transformed it into a graffiti drive-in.



From the outside, the Steinheilstra├če 14 appears rather inconspicuous. Only a very attentive eye recognizes the windows painted from the inside on the second floor. If one did not know what is hidden behind the bleached facade, one would not have high expectations of this place.

gerald jegal sz

s├╝ddeutsche zeitung

With graffiti wants to comment artistically on problems like the vacancy of apartments.! arte twist

Arte Twist

Thanks to ARTE┬áTWIST┬áfor the visit at our gallery. We are very proud to contribute and collaborate with a format like this. Watch here ­čĹç­čĆŻ or tune in Sunday 6.12.20 at 16h at Arte!

sz su╠łddeutsche zeitung

S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung

The famous SZ visited us in our open gallery. Check the article! mitvergn├╝gen

MitVergn├╝gen M├╝nchen

MitVergn├╝gen M├╝nchen showcased 11 culturalistic events you shouldn’t miss in 2020!

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Feierwerk Radio

Thanks for the chat Feierwerk Radio! Mucbook


Our friends from MUCBOOK visited us in our temporary 089 x Broke.Today Open Studio.
Read the Article here:

089 broke today


Because their downtown club is closed, the operators of the 089 bar have given their place to a loose collective of young artists for free.



Our friends from detoKunst Channel wrote some lines about our open gallery!